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Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said could not be done. — Sam Ewing


50 Ways to Innovate? 


Some of you might be saying…"That many?"  Others might ask, "Is that all?"  


Actually, we've listed well over 50, and the list is growing.  Who knows, someday it might reach 100.  1000?  You never know.  Are they are all unique, discreet concepts?  Not necessarily.  Some "ways to innovate" are strategically complex, others are "out there" and several are merely tactical.  Some are obvious, some are confusing and some are, well, innovative.  Several of the Ways to Innovate can be combined, and we're sure that the list and definitions will evolve over time. 


And, of course, not every Way will be everyone's "way."  


50 Ways to Innovate is, in itself, a somewhat innovative approach to writing a book.  It's kind of an "organic" book, where the "50 Ways" will be presented, one at a time, as concepts (or chapters, if you will).  Then we'll be asking for input from experienced "Innovation Geniuses" from around the globe to offer their thoughts and insights and then take those insights to create the final "book."  

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